HTD5 Dumpster

27 Feb

HTD5 Dumpster

The JCB HTD5 Dumpster is a compact, versatile and efficient machine designed for transporting materials and debris on construction sites, in landscaping projects, and for general waste management. It has a maximum payload of 500kg (1100lbs), and a tip height of 2720mm (2.72m)

The JCB HTD5 Dumpster is powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient Stage V diesel engine, delivering 4.4 kW (5.9 hp) of power. New and improved track motors optimize the tracking performance allowing increased site speed, while two-speed tracking provides precision and accuracy.

The machine is easy to operate, with a simple and intuitive joystick control system. It also has excellent visibility from the operating position, allowing for safe and efficient operation in tight spaces.

The JCB HTD5 Dumpster is designed with durability and productivity in mind, with a robust frame and heavy-duty components. It is also designed for easy maintenance, with convenient access points for daily checks and routine servicing.

Overall, the JCB HTD5 Dumpster is a reliable and efficient machine that is ideal for small and medium-sized construction sites, landscaping projects, and waste management applications. It offers excellent performance, versatility, and ease of operation, making it a valuable addition to any construction or waste management fleet.

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